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The butchery K. Müller at the market place in Calau is for many years a reliable partner concerning party service and private, as well as business celebrations. All meat and sausage products are from our homemade production, that means best quality to favorable prices. With long experience and attention to the detail, we know what matters to fulfill your wishes. A small plate of buns or a complete warm and cold buffet for 100 persons, no matter, punctuality and freshness are of the highest importance for us.

Non-commital advice you can receive under this
number: +493541/ 712772


Warm meals

  • bouvine roulade
  • roast beef
  • roast cured pork
  • roast pork
  • meatloaf
  • Raiders roast
  • pork roulade
  • goulash
  • onion meat
  • pork fillets
  • pork fillets backed with fruits
  • pork steak with mushrooms
  • big Schnitzel (piece 100g)
  • small Schnitzel (piece 50g)
  • meatballs
  • chicken
  • mini grilled legs
  • back gammon
  • suckling
  • turkey roast 8-18kg
  • tongue with asparagus
  • tongue with cauliflower
  • venison
  • pizzaschnitzel
  • Ham
  • bakon-minced meat rolls
  • chicken-schnitzel with cream and cheese
  • salmon gratin
  • salmon pan with vegetables


  • chicken fricassee
  • soljanka
  • cheese soup
  • goulash soup
  • kettle goulash


  • Red cabbage
  • pickled cabbage
  • kaiser vegetables
  • filled mushrooms
  • buns (individual)
  • morsels (individual)
  • baguette (individual)


  • noudle casserole
  • vegetable casserole
  • broccoli casserole
  • potato casserole
  • bolognese casserole







Cold plates

  • cheese plate
  • fish plate
  • sausage plate
  • bacon plate
  • Minced meat
  • kill plate
  • tomato-mozzarella plate
  • vegetable plate
  • fruit plate
  • fruit basket
  • fruit spits


  • potato salat
  • noudle salat
  • cabbage salat
  • club salat
  • chicken salat
  • beef salat
  • egg salat
  • cucumber salat
  • tomato salat

The partyservice K. Müller in Calau stands for:

- fresh produce from our own production
- seasonal and regional products
- a high level of customer satisfaction
- best quality at the best price

Non-commital advice you can receive under this number: +493541/ 712772