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Confidence is good, control is better.

Our butchers of the K. Müller butchery are of the opinion that you can only reach the highest quality and safety controlling the whole processing chain from A to Z. It starts with a careful selection of the raw materials and spices, it continues with the processing of the ingredients in our factory and the delivery to our several branches.

We produce with love and a long tradition.


We produce with passion and long tradition

In the anonymous production of meat and sausages on the big markets you easily lose the overview about production, quality and origin. As a costumer you can rely on our careful and high-quality production. Moreover we maintain personal contact to all of our suppliers and it is part of our philosophy to use regional raw materials. Even our spices, which are produced all around the world, are bought from the spice dealer in our neighborhood. With more than 140 years of experience in butchery we create our products according to old recipes, which state an important part of our tradition.


High-quality meat from our region

The quality of our meat and sausages is depending on the goodness of the raw materials, that is why we only work with the best pork and beef, which we receive from regional slaughterhouses. In this way we can keep the transport short, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moreover we do not accept compromises concerning this issue, because it is one of our old secrets for creating the special taste of our products.